Gnome sharing settings

Hello everybody,

I encounter the following problem: when I activate the sharing of the “public” folder in the gnome settings which corresponds to the activation of the item: “file sharing”, it happens that if I try to access it both from the pc where sharing is active or from a pc network (I also tried to use the mobile phone as a hot spot in order to cut off the router firewall) the public folder mounts, but it is not possible to access it because I have a message stating that: it is impossible to view "alex% 27s % 20public% 20files% 20o … ra.webdav._tcp.local (dav + sd) "the file is of unknown type.
can anyone help me understand why i have this situation? i am using fedora 36.

thank you for the feedback


Hello everybody,

I did some example tests: disabling the firewall etc … and in the end I am right to discover that if activated from the gnome settings → sharing → file sharing without setting any password the “public” folder becomes accessible by nautilus as a network folder both locally and remotely from another PC. if I set a password it no longer works with the error I indicated above. For now the partial solution is to not use a password. I hope someone can maybe help me dig deeper or if any Fedora developer reads this post they can investigate.