Need help for .unixpatcher

Hello guys i need help for running this patcher for DayZ. Im not new to linux but its the first i encounter this kind of files. I tried a lot of ways i found online but without success. Any help will be appriciated!

Which part of the instructions do you have difficulty with?

Sorry i meant to say that i dont know how to build it. Because if i try this (eg. ./DayZLauncher.UnixPatcher "/primary/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/DayZ/")
like ~sudo ./DayZLauncher.UnixPatcher ‘and the path’ it just says command not found.

Ok. I’m only explaining the instructions given on that page. If there are any problems, you should ask the author.

The first step is to download or build the patcher.

  • You could just download the built version from the GitHub releases.
  • If you want to build it yourself, it’s written in C#, so you’ll need to install .NET SDK[1] (or possibly Mono). I don’t know which version of dotnet or what build flags/options you need to use.

The second step is to run the patcher.

  • In your terminal, navigate to where you downloaded/built the patcher. I.e. the folder that contains DayZLauncher.UnixPatcher. Since the patcher isn’t installed to your PATH, you can’t just type DayZLauncher.UnixPatcher from anywhere. You need to be in the same folder or give the full path to the file.
  • Then, type the command given in the instructions. You need to replace the 2nd part with the path to your Steam install of DayZ.

Btw, don’t use sudo randomly. If this patcher does what it claims to do, it’s only patching some game files from Steam which belong to your user, and doesn’t need sudo.

  1. Available in Fedora repos. See ↩︎

i found another launcher that will work for me, so i will dump this patcher. Thanks for your time anyway!