Need help deleting Windows from dual boot

This is long overdue, but I finally want to delete Windows 10 from my dual boot with Fedora.

My current setup:

500GB drive with data (Documents, Pictures etc.) on it - NTFS

1TB drive with Windows 10 on it - NTFS (I would like to have my future Fedora install on this drive)

256GB drive with Fedora 36 installed - ext4

Is there anything i have to be careful about or can I just wipe both my 1TB and 256GB drive and install Fedora onto the 1TB drive? In addition, do you think it’s worth it to reformat the 500GB data drive ext4? I would of course love to keep that one untouched.

I already have a backup of my home and etc folder.

Thanks in advance

You didn’t mention if your drives are hdd or sdd.If there sdd and you wish to reinstall Fedora uses btrfs as the default and you can reformat all 3 drives and use them together.If you wish to keep Fedora installed as ext4 then you can use gparted and reformat the drives or relabel them to whatever you wish.I have Fedora installed using btrfs on 1 ssd and 2 nvme drives with no issues but it’s all in how and what you wish to setup.Just a note ssd and nvme are the fastest drives so that’s where the system should be installed. Btrfs also does a good job on multiple drives.