Need exfat format support in fedora workstation 31

i am just entered in the world of linux yesterday , i wish to copy my data froma drive ( exfat format). butfadora 31 is not able to load that drive.
not able to install rpm , all this is new to mee , but trying hard to understand this world.
pleases help me.

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Hello @ishan2108 and welcome to the Fedora community :slight_smile: If you have the time, please read the information in the #start-here category.

Well. The exfat filesystem should be supported out-of-the-box in the Linux Kernel since version 5.4, if I’m not wrong. But it is still considered experimental/staging.
Fedora, despite the false myth that it is a bleeding edge distribution, tends to not include unstable/alpha/testing stuff in the system.

You can verify that the exfat support is not compiled in the kernel shipped by Fedora by issuing this command:

$ grep EXFAT /boot/config-`uname -r`
# CONFIG_EXFAT_FS is not set

You can find a statement from a Fedora maintainer in a recent bugzilla ticket:
“The exfat driver will be enabled when it is promoted from staging.”

In the meanwhile (sorry but I don’t have a formatted exfat formatted drive to test) you could try to install these packages:

sudo dnf install exfat-utils
sudo dnf install fuse-exfat

Then mount the drive (assuming that sdb1 is your exfat formatted drive):

sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media

If I am not wrong this driver only supports reading the file system - writing exfat will be merged in 5.7 (?).

As far as I remember, there is the Samsung exfat driver in rpmfusion.


which means that before you can install exfat-utils and fuse-exfat, you will have to enable rpmfusion free repositories, you can do so by visiting Configuration - RPM Fusion


exfat-utils and fuse-exfat packages are in the rpmfusion-free repository.
Sorry for the confusion.


thank you all , i get the solution.
i tried it earlier but fails ,someones command about install rpm first made these commands working.
i am a nubbie in this linux world. in past only used windows 7 and xp and 10 just to play videos, songs ands store images only . sort of work in msoffice and few internet browsing.
any of you like to be my friend and mentor to guide me in this command prompted world ?

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