How to access exFAT partition

rpm-ostree install fuse-exfat
error: Packages not found: fuse-exfat

Any ideas? Thanks!

sudo rpm-ostree install
sudo rpm-ostree install

seems to be the solution, so I found.

You’ll probably want exfat-utils too.

exfat until recently has been patent encumbered so couldn’t be in the Fedora repos. This won’t be the case soon as Microsoft have opened it up to Linux and Linux distros will likely ship with exfat enabled.

In fact, exfat-utils are a dependency for fuse-exfat so only the later is needed.

Are you sure?

 $ rpm -q exfat-utils
   package exfat-utils is not installed
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Any update on current status of out-of-the-box support for exFAT filesystem in Silverblue (Fedora in general)? I have layered it for the time being.

Also, as and when a feature that we layered is included by default, is there a way we can know so we can remove our layered package?

You usually get a message along these lines : Inactive base replacement

You can then issue: rpm-ostree override reset <package name full NVR> and clear the override.

P.S.: in hindsight, I might be thinking about overrides and the above might not be applicable

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I have to suspect we get kernel support for this in kernel 5.7, which would be cool.