Nautilus does not remember the second SMB connection


I have two shared folders on my Synology NAS (protocol: smb connection). Both have two different login credentials.
When I mount folder #1 Nautilus asks for the username and password. In that dialog I clicked the field to remember this credentials forever. After that the folder is shown.

Now I tried to open the folder #2. This also works fine (also remembering the passwort forever).
But after restart and open the bookmarked smb-folder, Nautilus only connects to the first clicked folder (no matter this is folder #1 or #2).
When I try to connect the second folder the login dialog appears and asks for the login credentials.
After filling this it opens the folder.

In Seahorse both access data are correct.

Can Nautilus only remember to connect to one smb connection?
It would be fine to open both shared smb-folders without always typing in the username and password.

Using Fedora 34 with GNOME-Version 40.4.

(Sorry for my English :-D)

I tried this also with Fedora 35 beta 1. Same behavior.

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Try to edit the file:

gedit ~/.config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks

And explicitly specify the username for each bookmark:

smb://user@host/share bookmark_name

It´s working! Big thank you!
I only had to add the user (include @) to the both lines.

Good job @vgaetera

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