Name of toolbox showing in Powerlevel10k Prompt

I started a thread over on: Time it 'took' not showing, displaying a tool icon instead · Issue #2185 · romkatv/powerlevel10k · GitHub

Asking about a segment that I thought was a timer not displaying correctly, turns out it’s the hostname of the toolbox.

Hello everyone,

I have a question about the powerlevel10k plugin on Fedora Linux 37 Silverblue, using GNOME Terminal, ZSH, Oh-My-ZSH and TMUX with Powerline bindings.

To the right side prompt, where what looks like should be a timer, shows a little gear/tool icon. (command_execution_time?)

Do I need a special package installation to display, what I think should be, the timer? In the pictures posted, I see 5s, as if it saying it took 5s for the command to carry out? I’m using Nerd Font Iosekva fonts, which are excellent at symbols. During the config, all symbols matched.

Here is a screenshot:

Okay, so I went into another ‘toolbox’ in Fedora Silverblue and noticed for the first time, the hostname of the toolbox is showing next to that ‘tool icon’. Excellent!


Those of us in the Fedora Silverblue community have long asked for a way to know which toolbox we are in. They all display fedora-toolbox-37, or which ever version of Fedora Silverblue you are using, or which image the toolbox is running.

Can I ask which package that segment may be using to get that information? Because the top image I posted is another toolbox, name fedora-toolbox-37. Which only shows the tool icon, not the hostname. So there must be a package in the fedora-develop-37 toolbox reporting the actual name of the toolbox.

How do I determine what the second segment on the right? The 18.12.1 with the home looking icon?

I found out what the second segment is: node_version # node.js version

I found out that commenting out a line in the p10k.zsh line will show the main fedora-toolbox-37 hostname, so they both display the name of the toolbox container now.

These are the relevant lines:

Don’t display the name of the toolbox if it matches fedora-toolbox-*.