My fedora device is connected to wifi, but the wifi doesn’t work stable

Hello Everybody!

Workstation: Fedora 40

I have problem with wifi connection, when i connect to wifi router firstly it try and fail (Connection failed )but after connecting automatically then when i use internet it not working stable (connection losted). But my phone also connected to same router and working well. When I try to connect to my phone hotspot it is also working well!

And I try
nmcli connection modify 'PayMe Wi-Fi' 802-11-wireless.cloned-mac-address Mac ADress
but it is not worked.

Please HELP!

There are many possible causes.
You can try something easy by changing the channel the router is using for communicating with the PC device in the router settings. It happens sometimes that there is another router nearby using the same channel. Look at what is set now. If there is an “auto” setting for the channel, try that first. If it is already on “auto”, pick a channel. Same if you are on channel x, pick another.

Then if you or somebody else made changes on the router configuration, you could try to reset it to factory settings, usually there is a little switch to press. Before you try this, make sure the router will work with the Internet provider (if the router stands between your local network and the Internet) in its factory settings configuration.