Multiple youtube-dl versions

so i was trying to download my yt playlist using youtube-dl
then i noticed it gives me some “token” errors.
it sayed make sure you are using latest version now:
youtube-dl --version says 2020.01.01 then dnf changelog and i noticed there is 2020.09.20 version.
blah blah blah and i finally noticed running version is in /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl and 2020.09.20 is in /usr/bin/youtube-dl.
but why in runs /usr/local/ one? how do i delete that?
edit: i never compiled or installed from another source so what is it for?
when i removed youtube-dl, old one can still run and rpm -q youtube-dl says no such thing
its sounds like i never installed old one from dnf!

dnf installs to and removes from /usr/bin so you removed that one if you used dnf to remove it. You should remove one in the /usr/local/bin. /usr/local/bin comes before /usr/bin in PATH (on my machine, check with echo $PATH), that’s why it is executed.

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mine is same. /usr/local/bin is before /usr/bin .
thank you now i understand how $PATH works

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Make sure it is not a part of some package:

rpm -q -f /path/to/file

Then you can remove it manually.

Perhaps a workaround/dependency for some other package.
You’d best check what else is there:

find /usr/local -exec ls -l -d {} +

Install it while you can! I have a feeling Fedora may need to remove this from the repo. If this is really violating law in U.S. and elsewhere, Red Hat can’t distribute it in Fedora.

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more about this on development mailing list:


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