Multi-monitor issues

@alexkf I faced the same issue. rhgb quiet indeed solved the issue.

I cannot however find anything related to multi-monitor in my BIOS (Gigabyte Z790 board). Would you be able to share the exact name of the setting as it appeared in your BIOS?

BTW, not sure if this is relevant, but I also have the Intel iGPU enabled, since it’s my understanding that it can potentially help with video decoding/encoding. The “Initial Display” option is set to PCIe 1 however.

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I have a Dell desktop PC, and in my BIOS it appears as “Multi Display” under “Video” settings.


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Apologies, I was unable to reply earlier.

@alexkf thanks for the screenshot. This seems to be a more of a multiple GPU issue then, since in the BIOS UI you’re able to either select one of the GPU’s, or presumably multiple.

I’ve also had issues with this in the past using Ubuntu, where I’d not see any display output up until I got to login screen, so I had to decrypt blindly. It seemed as though the iGPU was selected as the primary output for some reason during that time, then it was switched back to dGPU.

It randomly fixed itself at some point when an nvidia driver update was done.