Multi boot: How to boot Fedora along with Windows, Ubuntu, Manjaro, Garuda linux

Hello everyone,
I have to install latest fedora version on my pc. I have already installed Windows 10, Ubuntu 22.04, Manjaro, Garuda (Dragonized edition).
Currently my pc is using Manjaro bootloader. I need a way to install fedora also in my PC so that all OS can be bootable.

Is there any way i can install the Fedora OS in my PC?

I would strongly recommend that one consider using a VM when running that may linux distros. There is a potential that an update on one may disrupt grub booting to another.

In fedora one would use qemu/kvm with libvirt to run the machines or one may install VirtualBox on almost any OS and run the VM from there. The VM would be totally independent of other VMs and would not affect booting of any.