MSBuild: how do I get it on Fedora 30?

On Fedora 30, I’d like to install MSBuild. I’ve followed the .NET install instructions for Fedora 28 (the closest available option to F30) at .NET Tutorial | Hello World in 5 minutes, but sadly MSBuild doesn’t seem to be available from the repo provided there. I know that MSBuild is available for Arch Linux, at least, so it should, in theory, be possible to install it on Fedora too. I’ve DuckDuckGo searched how to install MSBuild on Fedora and sadly, the results have been useless.

Why do I need MSBuild? Because, I would like to build the latest commits of OpenRA (note: I said commits, not releases; the latest stable release can be downloaded as an AppImage and run without MSBuild, but I do not want that, I want to build and use the latest OpenRA commits on the bleed branch).

You could try to use this URL instead of
But it doesn’t seem to work. As it doesn’t work using 29.
This because there is no repomd.xml inside Index of /fedora/30/prod/repodata/
Indeed there are no RPMs inside these repositories. The last valid one seems to be 27.

Since this is a third party repository, first of all you should contact the repository maintainer asking him to solve the issue.

Oopsie, I linked the wrong MSBuild. Examining the MSBuild at the AUR showed me it was Mono’s MSBuild I needed. I found that Mono’s Fedora install instructions would allow me to install its MSBuild. Which I did with (run as root)

rpm --import ""
su -c 'curl | tee /etc/yum.repos.d/mono-centos8-stable.repo'
dnf update
dnf install -y msbuild

However Fedora has a DotNet SIG (Special Interest Group). Here you can find info and contacts of the team: SIGs/DotNet - Fedora Project Wiki

And there is a COPR repository: @dotnet-sig/dotnet Copr

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