Monday Start In GNOME - USA

Hey all! Long time (well 10+ years, I know many of you are a lot longer than that) linux user! Fedora has been a very easy usable experience, great job everyone on the project.

I’m in the USA, and my weeks start on Monday, (not Sunday) and GNOME is one of the only, if not the only DE who doesn’t actually give you an option to change your week start day in any simple fashion KDE and Cinnamon it’s just a simple check box.

For years I would go into my /usr/share/i18n/locales/en_US and change first day of week and change first day and regenerate my locale. I’m shuffling computers/buying a new one/selling an old one and I’m setting up my computer again and I installed Fedora 38 . . . and I can’t for the life of me find where I need to go or what I need to change.

I can’t just change the region to UK because it changes a lot of other settings - IE paper size, date (dd/mm/yy where in US it’s mm/dd/yy). So short of a feature request from GNOME to give us an option to set our start date which doesn’t look promising after all of these years - editing the file was my only real option.

Could anyone point me in the direction to how I can set my computer to all US everything, but with the first day of the week as Monday in gnome calendar/top panel calendar?

Many thanks, it’s GREATLY appreciated!

(if there is a topic somewhere here, I did search but didn’t come up with anything specifically calendar related. Please reference any and all relevant topics if such exist and sorry I couldn’t find them.)


You can set LC_TIME in /etc/locale.conf and it only influences the calendar.

You can set each of the following individually


That was much much easier than any of the other things I’ve tried over the years. It would still be nice for GNOME to just give you the option in the settings.

Thanks immensely!

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