Microsoft Edge crashes - RPM Version - crashes when signing into sync account using enterprise login

Edge RPM Version crashes on Fedora when signing into sync account to enterprise login (which has 2FA enabled). I,am using edge for office use case. I use chrome, brave and firefox for other use cases. They have no issues its just edge when signed in to enterprise login. Flatpak version does not have this issue. I,am using edge on flatpak as a solution, however flatpak is not official. I would like to use the official package.

AFAIK, and after checking with dnf it seems correct, edge is not part of the fedora ecosystem. You must have installed the rpm from some 3rd party site, it is after all a microsoft browser. As such there is no “official package” of edge for fedora.

Since the rpm seems to be 3rd party, and flatpaks are 3rd party you will have to pick what works for you. You did not even offer the site used to download & install the rpm.

Hi Jeff V,

Thanks for the reply, I added edge from microsoft official repo at Index of /yumrepos/edge/

I hope you are aware that microsoft is only grudgingly supporting linux in any form since they cannot force it out of existence.

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Did you ever find out what the issue was? I would love to use Fedora daily but edge sync keeps me back.

I still use the flatpak version without any issues.

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Im having the same issue (edit-FLATPAK version) since 37 and I have uninstalled the Flatpak, as well as delete all of the related folders & files I could find, then reinstalled it fresh. I was hoping that it might resolve by 38 so I just uninstalled and used Firefox and Brave until … So now I am trying to figure it out and/or report it as a bug.
I’m using Kinoite - Rawhide - removed rpm-ostree Firefox, and not much layered (htop). Intel i3 (2021) HP laptop. Tried everything I could think of, even deleted all the related configs etc… Anybody have a suggestion?

Report it to Microsoft.