Merging similar tags

We should probably merge the following tags:


Done for all of these except qemukvm / kvm. I know people still use KVM for “keyboard, video, mouse”. I wonder if #qemu-kvm would be best?

For the more obscure ones like #rtx-3060-ti, I removed the alias after merging. For xorg and wireless, I left them – that means they’re still in the list (and can be used in posts like I just did) but if used will remap to x11 and wifi.

I’ll leave this topic open for others as people notice them.


Btw, I found a typo: virutalbox.

Is it important that you do this merging/aliasing or should anyone just change the tags on a post like that? I guess normal editing might bump the post which is not desired?

Offhand, I’d say:

  • If it’s just one or two posts, just go ahead and do it, and don’t worry about bumping.
  • If it’s a lot, it’s a lot easier for me or another site admin to do it

Any moderator or TL4 user can reset bump dates of a topic — it’s an option in the wrench icon at the side of the topic. That might be reasonable to do if fixing a typo in some old tag.

I believe that one must be an admin to destroy tags – I need to check on that. (I actually would like to have an automation that removes tags that haven’t been used much – but that’s just an idea…)


There was only one topic using kvm for KVM switch, so I took the liberty of re-tagging qemukvm to kvm to consolidate related topics under the same tag.