Common tags for various related topics?

I am seeing immutable being used to describe common issues for Silberblue and Kinoite.

Like Layering applications is common to both. Of course we can tag layering with two tags, instead of inventing a new tag (I guess soon we will have new CoreOS based spins)

I guess I’m not completely opposed to “interpretive” tags. I’m just wary of them. :slight_smile:

Another example would be tagging things with “microphone” or “headphones” or “speakers” with audio.

But… I’d like to do one step at a time, if that makes sense?


One step at a time is good.

Another possibility is bigger generalizations: “wifi”, “ethernet”, “firewall”, “networkmanager”, “routing”, “router”, etc. could all → networking.

“anaconda”, “livecd”, “partitioning”, etc. could all → installation

I see ASK as a bridge between Users and the Volunteers to make Fedora happen.

Thus on one end, ASK need to use the terms that normal users expect - thus super general tags like Networking, Display, , Installation are helpful.

However, it might not be so helpful in the Bugzilla sense - to pinpoint where is the problem, what exact action caused a problem, etc.

I would like to see one set of Super General tags, so that users can use, search on.

Then another set of tags (with special prefix, suffix to allow talking to other systems in Fedora ecosystem, etc ) that leaders familiar with the Fedora way can use.


Add Tags like