MediaTek MT7902 Wireless LAN card

i have a laptop with the MediaTek MT7902 Wireless LAN card. I discovered that this chipset is not supported by linux. A quick web search revealed many others have had the same experience. I would really like to use the provided wireless facility. Is there any plan for Fedora linux to have the firmware support for the MT7902 chipset anytime soon? Or is there another way out for me.

Fedora just packages upstream software, so the question should be whether MediaTek has plans to provide sources to

If the Wireless LAN card is removable, I would replace it with an Intel card. They are not expensive, usually work well, Intel provides drivers to, and technical information is widely available. I think WiFi cards are cheap enough that the bad actors aren’t selling fake cards for profit, but I can imagine bad actors selling fake cards with added malicious capabilities, so use a reputable vendor.

Some vendors offer multiple options for WiFi cards on a given model, so you may find a upgrade option from the vendor that has some added capabilities (mostly for enterprise Windows use cases).

Hello George,

thanks for the clarification.

I’ve sent an email to MediaTek suggesting they take the necessary steps to achieve MT7902 utility under Linux. I expect they have seen many such emails based on the MT7902 based non-satisfaction I have seen in web searches.

Until a driver becomes available I’ve plugged in a netgear AC1200 usb wifi adaptor, which worked immediately, plug and play.


Alex Vanic