May Windows update break grub?

I have a dual-boot machine with fedora 36 and Windows 10. In the past, when i accessed after a long time to Windows, I think that Windows update or something broke grub, and then I had to reinstall all to fix, and I lost all the important data I had on Fedora.

Now, Fedora and Windows are on separate drives, and now I need to access Windows to do some stuff, and I’m kinda worried to break all, also because I use Fedora mostly for university.

Is there any way to prevent this? Like this solution for Manjaro or similar? Windows 10 break grub every time I boot into it - Support - Manjaro Linux Forum

If Windows breaks GRUB, no need to reinstall the whole OS. You can reinstall GRUB using a live system.
If windows shares the EFI with Fedora, it may break it with updates, so you should let windows have its own EFI.

in my case i just boot a vm with windows 10as i need to very less most of my stuff i can do on my linux laptop even games. it can be different for you but if you can you can just remove windows like me and make it in vm.

I have shared a single efi partition with windows 8, 8.1, 10 (3 different major upgrades) and my fedora install and all its updates. I have never had any issues with windows causing a problem with grub booting.

The only time I know that windows may interfere with grub booting is when the user selects to use the windows boot manager from bios since that may set bios to always use windows. As long as the user always uses the grub menu to boot windows it seems there is no issue.

I guess that was the problem for me then.