Matrix server channel setup

A few more to figure out:

  • We have a #fedora-fedmsg and #fedora-fedmsg-stg channels on irc that just have a bot sending the message bus contents out to IRC. Do we want to have these in matrix? I have found them useful to search for or see events…
  • We need QE channels… a general one and blocker review channel? Or does that go under teams and has it’s own space to do blocker review or qe devel?
  • Probibly want #epel to bridge to a Teams “Fedora EPEL”
  • Perhaps “The World” should be “The Earth” so we can accomodate Fedora usage on the moon, space stations and mars? :slight_smile:
    I definitely like the idea of starting with the framework and only adding things when there are enough people willing to keep them alive.

Yeah, let’s add a bot chatter section :slight_smile:

I was thinking that’d just be a team channel. #fedora-blocker-review is really a meeting channel, right?

Yeah, #fedora-blocker-review was setup because some parts of the cycle it’s not used at all and others it’s used often, didn’t want to reserve a block of meeting channel time when it’s unused a fair bit.
So, yeah, we could just stick it under meetings I guess…

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+1. I concur that building flexibility and recurring retrospectives will help us do this in a way to reduce or eliminate the friction points.

It is a good question of whether all channels should be bridged. I think this channel is a unique exception, and the IRC operators should ask if they want a alias for #fedora-social on Freenode. This policy wiki page clashes with initial thinking on how the Council could more safely and responsibly include the participation of minors in the Fedora Community.

I think it is hard to know how to set this up without taking an inventory of what already exists. I would definitely make an ask to @nb to weigh in here with knowledge of any active IRC channels he participates in that might not be represented in my list (below).

To better frame this conversation, here is a first pass of IRC channels I have kept in my joinlist for a long time, or once joined:

  1. #fedora
  2. #fedora-3d-printing
  3. #fedora-admin
  4. #fedora-ambassadors
  5. #fedora-apac
  6. #fedora-apps
  7. #fedora-badges
  8. #fedora-commops
  9. #fedora-council
  10. #fedora-design
  11. #fedora-devel
  12. #fedora-devel-tg
  13. #fedora-diversity
  14. #fedora-docs
  15. #fedora-flock
  16. #fedora-i3
  17. #fedora-india
  18. #fedora-join
  19. #fedora-latam
  20. #fedora-meeting
  21. #fedora-meeting-[2..4]
  22. #fedora-mindshare
  23. #fedora-mktg
  24. #fedora-mote
  25. #fedora-outreachy
  26. #fedora-pride
  27. #fedora-silverblue
  28. #fedora-summer-coding
  29. #fedora-websites
  30. #fedora-women

I imagine there are more too. And active ones that might want to bridge if given the opportunity.

Please do not make bridging optional for #fedora- channels. They should be mapped to rooms in our Matrix server. If they want to exist on IRC, they must be plumbed through to Matrix. Obviously, Matrix only rooms are fine, too. :slight_smile:

We can set the IRC channel settings to avoid having to deal with registering with NickServ for Matrix-to-IRC users. is already set up this way and we should use the room+channel settings for all Fedora rooms+channels.

Also, I’ll remind everyone that we should drop the redundant fedora- prefix for rooms on our server. Their aliases that currently exist on (if we keep those) would obviously retain the prefix, but the primary name set on the server should not have a redundant prefix in the room name.


Well, I guess my thinking is that this is a chance to clean up channels that aren’t really used very much. I guess we could remove them from Freenode too?

Yeah, if they’re not in use, let’s clean them up on both sides. If the goal is to eliminate the illusion of interest by not having the rooms on the Matrix side, it makes just as much sense to do that on the IRC side too.


@mattdm I don’t want to bikeshed too much, but perhaps the QA channel could be called just “Quality” instead of “Quality Assurance”? It’s shorter, perhaps more obvious, it skips the topic of whether “assurance” is the right word, etc. Ubuntu also has just Ubuntu Quality (Team). On Fedora Planet we already have the “Quality” subplanet. I’d personally call the new channel just with the shorter name, I think it’s better overall.

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Sure that’s fine with me. All bikesheds welcome here, really. :slight_smile:

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Also, the IRC server transition would be a good time to rename the IRC channel to match, if you want.

I’m not sure if everyone agrees, but I do :slight_smile:

Just a word to set your expectations straight: if the channels are not publicly readable (i.e. if it’s not possible to see history without joining) they will not appear in the Space unless you join it.

Spaces are a good way to get organised, but not yet a good way for people to discover it. It would be a good idea to publish all channels in the directory in the meantime.

Here’s our experiment on GNOME’s homeserver, with details about what is left to have a super neat experience: Experimenting with Matrix spaces - Community - GNOME Discourse

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I expect we will make the vast majority of our channels publicly readable. Transparent discussion is the Fedora way.


This is the way. :grin:

All my bridges to Fedora IRC channels are now dead in my Element Matrix client. Instead of recreating bridges to LiberaChat, I would rather just join a Fedora Space on Matrix and be done with this for the foreseeable future. What is the status on the new Fedora Matrix server and what support will it have for chat rooms or spaces?

Still working through contract things. We should have an update soon.


I had the idea of regional rooms, according to localization teams, that is, for each team not for language

CC @mattdm

@mattdm Can we possibly make the design team’s room just design@ ?

wdym: ?

is the most intuitive at the moment

@mattdm … Do CommOps and Council have the same room?