Manual repository override?

I am a new Fedora 34 user. Is it possible to point Fedora to a particular host repository?
I at times am experiencing very bad download speeds and would like to see if choosing a particular mirror helps.
So far I have tried updating urls in /etc/yum.repos.d but that does not reflect repositories in Gnome Software application. It still shows me oci+
Please advice.

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sudo nano /etc/dnf/dnf.confedit this yum is nomore used in fedora but support is still there but dnf is far more modern and used by fedora and rhel

Increase the value of max parallel and fastest mirror = true.

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Thanks for the info. Is it possible to point to a particular host repository in dnf.conf?
My goal is to point to hardcoded host url and see if download improve.
Also is it possible to update oci+ in Gnome Software?

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Your dnf repositories are based on configuration files in /etc/yum.repos.d/. By default, they use a “metalink” option, which connects to the Fedora mirror list and gets a mirror from there.

The Fedora mirrors are listed here, so you can get their URLs and use them directly instead of the metalink, by using the baseurl setting in the configuration file.

Read man dnf.conf for information on the options of your repository configuration files. Note tat you will need to edit them as an administrator.

More information on this here:

I’m not aware of another link for the Fedora registry, unfortunately, but these are only used for Fedora flatpaks (not FlatHub flatpaks, they have their own location) or containers but not for the standard rpms. If you’re not using flatpaks or containers, you can just leave that one be.

You can see information on the Flatpak remotes using this command:

flatpak remotes -d

You can even remove these if you don’t want to use Flatpaks. See man flatpak for more information, including information on adding remotes and modifying them.