Manage Containers in Fedora Linux with Podman Desktop

Article Summary: About the recent release of Podman Desktop for managing Linux containers, its features, and how to use it

Article Description:
Podman Desktop is a container management GUI like Docker Desktop, but based on Podman. It is written by the Containers organization on GitHub. This article will discuss the features of Podman Desktop, touch upon its platfom support, describe its install procedure on Fedora, and probably do a simple comparison between Podman Desktop and Docker Desktop.
I am really excited about this tool and have been waiting for it for a long time. That would make a good article on Fedora Magazine in my opinion, and I am interested to pen it down.
Please share your views.

I love the idea! I created Issue #138: Manage Containers in Fedora Linux with Podman Desktop - fedora-magazine-newsroom - Feel free to write the article and ping me when you’re done. I’ll review!

On another note, there’s a GTK4+libadwaita front-end for Podman called Pods: GitHub - marhkb/pods: A podman desktop application.

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Thank you. Sure, I will write the article and it will hopefully be done soon.