Malware using my notifications app

I have picked up some type of malware that continuously uses my notifications in the panel to pop up ads. I know exactly when it happened by clicking a captcha for retrieving information about a home appliance. I was redirected to a nefarious site. The notifications has a chrome logo so I think it would probably be embedded in chrome but I have been unable to see anything in the settings and clamscan and maldetect does not uncover anything. Where and how should I be looking?

These notifications are from Chrome, which now allows “background tabs” which can continue to notify you. So, check what tabs you have open in Chrome, perhaps clear your Chrome profile and start a fresh one if the particular tabs are hard to find?

I have restarted chrome with no success. I then reset the profile. This may have worked. I am giving it a while to see if returns. Thank you.

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Disallow the webpage to display you notifications.

I was reluctant to click on anything in that notification. I had no real webpage. It looks like resetting the profile to default worked. Thanks all.

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