Gnome Notifications not working | Fedora 39 | Signal Flatpak

I am using fedora 39 on my computer. And I have problem related to my notifications not working probably. I don’t get notifications from signal specifically and maybe also in general, like I don’t get popups like windows. I have installed some gnome extensions, Idk if that affects the overall notifications, and just to point out that I already resetted my gnome settings. I followed a lot of guidelines to make notifications work, but none of them seemed to work. Also tried making a new user account to see if that made notifications work. I think it’s signal specifically since I get notificatons from my panel from syncthing and some other apps.

Welcome to Fedora @meci931

In Gnome the notification panel you can open while clicking on the time in the top middle. If an event happens you see a discrete info on your top of your screen. It disappears automatically. I am sooo long away from Windows that I do not remember how it looks like there.

If Apps do not create Notifications you have to go in Settings >> Apps and check if the notification option is switched off of the specific application.

Hi L.S! Thx for responding at first, I have signal notifications turned on. And I still don’t get a pop up from signal, i have tested several times by asking someone to send a message. It just still won’t work

I just tried the Signal flatpak, and it does not launch for me :laughing: I’ll try to update and see if I can get notifications.

hehe that sucks bro. Hope you can give me some feedback. If it ends up working for you :wink:

Are you also using the Signal flatpak?

Yes. I am using the flathub/flatpack

It’s strange but, I don’t see Signal listed for Notifications in Gnome Settings Here is a screenshot :

But I have Notifications active on the application :

Going to look more into this. . .

I’m happy to say it works through Portals ! :party:
But you have to enable it through Flatseal . . .Here is a screenshot

Here it is active :

Just tested a notification came in.

If you do not have Flatseal download it from Flathub. Open Flatseal and scroll down to Signal. Then scroll down to Portals and click Notifications.

Sorry for not repsonding yesterday. But it seems to me that doesn’t cut it sadly. I have done the exact same thing as you did:

And my flatseal is dowloaded as flathub, don’t know if that has anything to do with it:

Relink your Signal Phone app with the desktop version. See if that helps. Just to make sure you are on the latest Fedora and Gnome desktop right? have you checked for updates to apps?

Yes, that’s the link I provided for you. Also Signal is from Flathub. Just make sure of that as well.

I made it work! The only thing I have left is being a bit picky about it showing on the top of my screen, but I’ll make sure of that. But it worked finally, thank you so much! :smiley:

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