Making CPE Tech Talks public

Hi everyone,

as a CPE Team, we are doing Tech talks from time to time about various things regarding Fedora Infrastructure. All the talks are recorded, but the recording is not publicly accessible, we would like to change that with the help of Fedora Marketing team.

The first Tech Talk we want to make public is about fas2discourse operator and could be found here (this link is accessible only to Red Hat employees and I can reupload this somewhere else).

What do you think about that?


I think this sounds like a great idea. We can make a YouTube playlist for all of them. We will want to be careful about sharing past recordings, though. People participated in these with the understanding that these were Red Hat internal sessions and might not feel comfortable if they were suddenly made public after the fact. So you’ll want to make sure participants are okay with this.

For future tech talks, that won’t be a problem. In fact it might be nice to open them up to the broader community live instead of keeping it behind the firewall and then tossing the recording over the fence.

Here’s my one concern: I’ve never been a huge fan of the name CPE being used in Fedora contexts. To my mind, CPE is an implementation detail of Red Hat’s participation in the Fedora Infrastructure team. Of course, due to…reasons…it’s probably a good idea to show that Red Hat is still invested in Fedora, so this isn’t a blocker. It’s just an opportunity to stand on my soap box for a moment.


Thanks @zlopez for raising this here and helping open up this content!

I am all for it too, and I share the same thought as Ben for getting consent to upload publicly for future recordings.

A team member could upload this one to YouTube as the inaugural session, set up a playlist and the metadata, etc. If we hit a good cadence with this, we could look at adding another uploader to the account through the new Marketing Team onboarding process.

Regarding the past recordings, those need to be reviewed anyway. So asking for people consent could be part of the review process.

Thanks @jflory7 it would be nice if this could be shared on youtube.

About the cadence, we usually have these Tech talks irregularly, so I can’t guarantee it.

I am also in favor of this, but I do have a concern about who will do the contributions. If we can confirm who has the bandwidth, know-how, and interest in doing this, I’m for it.

For the record, I don’t know any YouTube stuff, but at this point I should probably be shown the ropes to help with this kind of thing. Not my favorite, but I don’t want to promote video initiatives without being able to pitch in every so often.

What will be the next step then?

I would like to move this forward

The next step is kind of to see if there’s someone available to help upload these talks. I made a ticket for it in the Marketing Team gitlab and hopefully we can make a move on this in the next month or two.