Make a Latex Group Install

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Latex is a very valuable resource running on Linux, that I have use for so many years.
It used to be easy to use, and now it is not anymore (Fedora 36).
Because it is so bulky I don’t wish to install fully Latex Live.
In the past, until Fedora 30 or so, Miktex was a very useful resource, to install missing packages.

Now (Since Fedora 32) if you wish to install apps, (several) using texlive, like"calibre" and old versions of rpm, they collide, and even worse uninstalling them is impossible (other than destructive brute force).

May I request here to develop a set of LATEX TOOLS including Miktex, rpm packages, TEXLIVEONFLY, modules, and/or group install to have a fully working FEDORA 36 (and up), without the struggle it is now ?

Thanks !

Hi Andre, I guess you misunderstood the concept of “official rpm packages”.

Short it is this way:
A official RPM package has to be active maintained. This means someone has to test it against higher Fedora Linux versions and check if everything works correct.

If this is not the case it will be retired and taken out of the official repositories. If someone has the abilities to maintain such a packages and is willing to take over the maintenance it keeps in the official Repository.

A official group just can contain official RPM Packages.

So if you want something who works for you, you need to go after maintainer who resurrects this packages you could use in old times and keep them alive. Unfortunately to find someone who does this for you for free is really difficult.

You have the alternative to see if there is something available as a Flatpack who serves you.

Fedora has the full texlive suite of packages, for many different languages. Those packages are maintained and do almost everything that LaTeX was able to do.

You may consider migrating to texlive, or as already noted, attempt to find someone (maybe even yourself) to maintain and resurrect LaTeX.

There already are a number of TeXLive groups for users to use, and one can also just install the specific packages they need:

This is not a TeXLive specific issue. If you want to install software that is not in the repositories, there’s a very high chance that it will conflict with libraries from the repositories. This is by design—all the software in the repositories is built to work with each other, and tested to ensure it does.

Can you please clarify this more, perhaps by opening specific topics for your specific issues?

MiKTeX is a distribution manager itself, so it is not designed to work with anything else. If you’d like to use MiKTeX, just use that, but software in the Fedora repositories cannot depend on software not in the repositories, so it cannot depend on whatever you install from MiKTeX—you’ll have to build all of this software yourself and make it use your MiKTeX installation.