Mailto links not working

Whenever I click a clickable email address on a webpage (in Brave) it doesn’t work, it seems to be trying to open Thunderbird (my default email program) but Thunderbird is already open, so I just get an error. Any ideas?


I have the same issue.

How did you install these apps? Flatpak or DNF?


Added brave, f40, thunderbird

Hiya, I followed the instructions for Fedorea installation here: Installing Brave on Linux | Brave

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This means it is the RPM system package.

“Apps” is plural, so…

How did you install Thunderbird?

ah, sorry. TB is installed from Flathub

PS after weeks of frigging around with Fedora Flatpak and finding it wouldn’t work well, so went to Flathub. Don’t tell me I now need to do it all again and go for RPM? :smiley:

No, I use the same combo but with Firefox.

To reproduce if this is a problem with only the Flatpak, it would he helpful if you could

  1. sudo dnf install -y thunderbird
  2. kill -9 thunderbird
  3. rm -rf ~/.thunderbird/*
  4. cp ~/.var/app/org.mozilla.thunderbird/.thunderbird/* ~/.thunderbird/
  5. Set as default Mail program
  6. Open Link

Is ~/.thunderbird where local mail is stored? Not that anyone these days would store their mail locally :upside_down_face:, but just in case, it might be better to create a separate account for testing than to delete ~/.thunderbird.

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Woah there! :smiley:

I am scared stiff of doing anything with Thunderbird, never mind a command that begins with ‘rm’ !!

Long story short, I have 20+ years of email, took me 2 WEEKS to convert it all from old Apple format to TB compatible, then to import and sort etc and get it all working happily. I really don’t want to disturb anything, I also don’t have any backups running yet as haven’t found time to learn and set that up but will as soon as possible.

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Eh? ALL my mail is stored locally! Why trust and pay for something I have sat on my desk, space. :smiley:


This is for a user that just uses the flatpak, the ~/.thunderbird should be empty.

@joeyjonnson did you convert from Apple to Thunderbird Flatpak? Directly?

Check your ~/.thunderbird it should not exist. Flatpaks have their individual data in ~/.var/app/ so here is your data.

Copying it over is not critical, this will just copy it so you can try it. But installing RPM thunderbird and testing with an empty profile may be quicker.