MacBook Air M2 (J413) Built-in Audio Speakers

I wanted to share my experience with my MacBook Air M2 and its Built-in Audio Speakers that used to miss drivers and be disabled in early Asahi installations. I installed Fedora 38 Asahi Remix back in October on my device and during a normal upgrade process, I updated packages until recently the Built-in speakers were recognized as the default output. However, I noticed that apps and KDE’s libcanberra’s audio test were unable to produce any sound. On the other hand, headphones connected through the 3.5mm jack worked without any issues.

I later upgraded to F39 with dnf system-upgrade, which was supposed to fix the issue, but unfortunately, it didn’t. Upon conducting research, I discovered that the “speakersafetyd” service was missing. This service monitors the temperature of the built-in audio speakers and limits power output when needed, preventing them from overheating.

To resolve the issue, I had to install a package named asahi-platform-metapackage which installs speakersafetyd as a dependency and several other useful components, like a better YouTube experience in Firefox, as well. Below are the instructions that worked for me:

sudo dnf install asahi-platform-metapackage

The additional package will facilitate ongoing platform improvements by the Asahi team.

I hope that sharing my experience can help others who may be facing similar issues with their MacBook Air M2’s Built-in Audio Speakers.

This is not the correct fix. The proper solution is to install the asahi-platform-metapackage. Current installation have that since the beginning of of November. See following announcement for the older installations.

There is no need to enable/start the speakersafetyd service. It will be automatically started by udev.

Thank you for clarification! I’d updated my original post not to mislead others.