M1 / M2 / M3 Chip Vulnerability Discovered

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So I guess everyone has now seen this and I would love to know what effect this could have with our M Chipped MacBooks running Asahi… ? I imagine the vulnerability is OS agnostic, I wonder if Hector Martin made any comments anywhere on this issue… ?

REF: Unpatchable vulnerability in Apple chip leaks secret encryption keys | Ars Technica


Vault et al,

My descent into complete laymanship is almost complete, which is to say that I now understand so little of these complexities that it’s tantamount to not have done a computer science degree at all.

So, who can explain the implications of that architectural flaw in plain English? Does it mean that when accessing encrypted apps or services, one’s key data could be stolen/exposed if someone has targeted those secure login methods (client side or serve side)?


Some discussion here Hector Martin: ""The main problem with the attack is that it's on…" - Treehouse Mastodon

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@nzgray Thanks for that. Appreciated!