LXDE installing and setup

I have been using Lubuntu LTS versions for 8 years.
But I want to try out Wayland, so I downloaded Fedora-30 Workstation’s LXDE spin, burned it to a USB flash drive and tried it.
Installation went OK, but “reclaim space” is a bit odd. You only get a list of devices and a DONE button. The devices should be exploded into partitions and unallocated space, identified by partition labels, not manufacturers device labels.
It took my PC a few tries to get the boot order sorted out, and because I have 2 “monitors” plugged in, it decided to put the taskbar and mouse pointer on the big TV screen, and nothing on the monitor.

Once I got that sorted out, I reconfigured LXDE to my taste, changing from the GHASTLY background (what IS that?) and active title bar YELLOW (NOT BLACK!).
Then I did an update. This downloaded 715 MB of updates and means the 1.8 GB download was 40% a waste of time.
Someone should really release a “skeleton” spin with NO APPS, and let people choose and install their own apps. 2.5 GB downloaded and I still haven’t got Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, VLC.

The standard repositories do not have VLC and GUFW, but I was able to search for solutions and get them installed. VLC worked perfectly, GUFW didn’t.
I cannot work out how to use firewalld, even after reading various how-tos. I can’t even tell if it is disabled.
Gufw starts by asking for authentication, and then it closes without issuing any error messages. Running it from terminal is the same.
Maybe firewalld was somehow blocking gufw, but /var/log/firewalld was empty, and /var/log/syslog doesn’t exist. (?)

Without being able to control the firewall, I’m not going to start installing FTP/Web/Mail servers, any anyway iRedMail for Fedora is not available.

Thunderbird downloaded the mail from remote mail servers, but the folder view was blank. This is not acceptable.

Fedora-30-LXDE needs a few rough edges smoothing.