Low FPS/Refresh Rate of GNOME animations only on Wayland sessions

Hello everyone.

I am currently facing a really weird issue which I am not so sure if it’s a Fedora specific problem, a GNOME problem or even a GPU issue. I am using Fedora 38 with the following CPU/GPU combo: i5-13600K and RX 580 on a 165hz monitor.

The problem is this: when clicking the Super button, hovering to the hot corner, getting to the app grid, switching workspaces - you get the point - the animation is very laggy. Not sure if this is correct, but it seems like the refresh rate of the monitor/FPS get very low. For some time now I had gotten used to it, but for some reason I decided to check out the Xorg session today. For some reason, however, I have none of the above problems on this session.

What’s even more weird is that when I log in to the Wayland session with the iGPU of my CPU I also do not notice any laggy animations.

I did check if I have the correct amdgpu drivers, no problem there. Is there anyone that suffers from the same issue?

I could stick with Xorg, but I want to avoid that.

I had the same problem recently with my new laptop. i5 chip as well with integrated intel gpu. I though I was doing something wrong but I switch to archlinux and the issue is magicaly gone

I was using fedora 39