Low battery notification

In f 36 Workstation edition, I do not get notified when I am running low on battery and sometimes my laptop may ‘suddenly’ turn off because I did not notice I was running low on battery. Is there a way to fix it to get notified like on Windows?

I guess first you need to fix your other problem:

Then you probably will be notified on low power.

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I finally did that one :sweat_smile:

And now are you waiting for low battery to see if it works?
And give feedback after?

I hope you saw this:

I’m not sure if I fully understand why you created a new thread for this. I assume you think this is a different issue. However, it is likely to be linked.

First, I assume you have introduced the workaround as you indicated here?
Based upon the data you provided there, please let us know the output of
sudo cat /etc/modprobe.d/asus_ec_sensors.conf
echo "5.19.4"; sudo cat /boot/loader/entries/*5.19.4-200.*.conf | grep options
echo "5.19.6"; sudo cat /boot/loader/entries/*5.19.6-200.*.conf | grep options
uname -r

If I understood you correctly, you did use the original blacklisting workaround, which only modified the respective kernel config. If this is the case, I suggest to jump over 5.19.7 and wait for the next kernel update. It is likely that the blacklisting will no longer be necessary after 5.19.7 and then, all open issues around asus_ec_sensors will be done.

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I do not know how but now it seems to be working well enough. Thanks