LockScreen / Curtain

When I say LockScreen / Curtain I am referring to the background you see upon waking the computer.
I already know how to alter the Desktop and Login backgrounds. I am, However having a hard time figuring out how to change the LockScreen / Curtain background.

Any tips and/or guides as to how this is done?


Figured it out on my own. A simple idiot-proof solution, which is why I couldn’t find it.
GNOME Tweaks - Appearance - Lock Screen - Image (select chosen file).

Sorry for taking up space.

PS: Do I earn points for providing a solution to my own problem?


See also:

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@stevenh928, I have to say that by default the wallpapers you set using Gnome Settings are:

  • first one – for Desktop
  • second one – for the Lock Screen, not a login screen.

So you don’t have to use gnome-tweaks-tool to set your Curtain / Lock Screen wallpaper.


Wow, I’m interested. Since I found various guides that look a bit confusing and a little tricky.
Could you open a new topic describing how to change the login background?


Settings wasn’t Working. Tweaks was more compliant.
And I do know the difference between those screens and typed exactly what i meant.

There is no easy way for the login. Requires dconf knowledge. Has also been covered extensively by better coders than me.

Looked, didn’t find.
“points” was a joke.

Interesting and useful information.
Not entirely germane to the issue.
But, thank you all the same.

Indeed. But I have not found any clear how to.

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