Linux portal for user/power user swithcing from Windows

Typically user in general moving from Windows to Linux just starting aware of this potential.
How about make new portal that will be tranistion to
With free tire and subscribe model with pay wall, free tire with commercial, commercial editorial department, with hiring the copywriter. @red-hat @fedora-s @IBM

I assume what was meant was try and subscribe with pay wall.

One should be aware that fedora is free and that such a design seems contrary to the general FOSS mindset of the community, in addition to potentially violating all the licensing for FOSS.

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I didn’t understand what you want, can you clarify?

Make indirect profit on Windows user consider switching to Linux and want resoreuce like sotwawer news portal. Comercial paywall on non free tire ( subscribtion model) and comercial on frie tiers.

Exactly, such thing wouldn’t even work for Fedora.

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Nope - the idea is helping smooth transition for windows user - they already have mindset familiar with commercialism service for software - so it’s more like a make the place ( paid wall) transition (with free tire powderer by commercial) possible for steps from none-FOSS to FOSS ( before they will be familiar what FOSS as itself ) We donate our time and skills, they time ( commercials ) or money ( paid wall) before full FOSS citizens - any other more skill-full can skip this steps anyway and right to FOSS. In short idea is make this project before involving in FOSS.

There will be micro payments so more user then more money for coffee :wink: and chosen open source project donations.

This is against Fedora spirit and way of doing things, and against the Foss community spirit as well. This is not Windowsland, this is the land of open source and knowledge sharing.

The free tire ( commercial on) and for other micro-payment pay-wall - news portal - for migrate from Windows to Linux ( Fedora mainly) will be not FOSS. And all user will be inform. This will be commercial preamble/introduction to FOSS. This news portal will be provide service - pay service of make code with source open in Utility application ( somting like learn Power toys - microsoft. com/en-us/windows/powertoys ) for Fedora using flatpack ecosystem.
More about developing on “Linux platform” on this video:

That 15 minute youtube video has some usable information, but recaps what all developers for FOSS software probably already know. The target OS/platform decides most of how the app is constructed and tools used. He is wrong in one way – Most apps for use on linux can be used on most distros, though the packaging and distribution is specific to the form of package manager used by that distro.

The end user normally does not need any of that info, and adding a form of transition stage app would be even harder to maintain than the direct shift to the new OS. One may note that there are even some distros & desktop designs that tend to more directly mimic what a user sees with windows to make the transition more appealing.

In the end, such a project as you suggest would require its own development team, and would also require massive effort to branch it in such a way as to support most Linux distros while not focusing on a single distro path.

Overall, not feasible without a dedicated team for that project, which would probably require financial support as well.

For case of testing it on multiple distros can be achive by CI/CD.

1-st stage working portal with way mentioned before. Slowly but steady, collect money and pay for freelancer/copywriters and hire developers - when stable enough - start donating for open source project. After 2 to 5 years make whole project transition to FOSS establish some kind of foundation.

That sounds ideal.
Unfortunately, since the switch to totally FOSS would probably mean the developers would no longer be paid, and knowing human tendencies, that would likely never happen.

Still does not seem feasible.

However, since this is your idea you may want to pursue it and see if you could make it work.