Linux kernel-core error

Everytime i do a fresh install of fedora, it gives me this kernel error issue, ive updated system and tried before. When i use some other distribution that is not based on fedora it works just fine. Any way to fix it?

Please post the output of dmesg so we could see what is the hardware errors.
Also to disable abrt collecting non reportable problems, add the following:

DropNotReportableOopses = yes
OnlyFatalMCE = yes

to /etc/abrt/plugins/oops.conf


The key in that link is set period of time
If you are posting something that needs to remain part of your post pastebin is not a good choice since the default time is only 24 hours and after that the info will no longer be available.

Your initial post shows that was a recovered error. When you do a full system update after the initial install, does that error continue repeatedly or is it only right after the new install?

You were asked to post the output of dmesg which would be best if done immediately after booting. Paste the output from your screen into the message, then highlight that text with the mouse and click on the </> Preformatted text button on the toolbar so we can see it exactly as you see it on the screen.