Linux IS NOT USER friendly

AS MUCH as I want to like/love Linux (Debian/ Fedora disturbe) it will never take off because off the inconsistencies of the OS

I’m stuck troubleshooting a simple NFS simple that works right off the bat with a Windows systems.

I try to help as much as I can with the info I have on hand, (GNS3 is my domain) but other users I have to go beyond a simple install by teamviewing their system because Linux is NOT a friendly system.

This isn’t a shot out to the system, I love the full control of the system. However, I find it to be reason to hard to convince others to convert others from Windows when they can’t simply hit “execute” and launch an application.

This is more of rant between my system and their system, I’m stuck trying to convince them Linux isn’t bad if you learn it, but it’s hard to convince them when the system doesn’t work with a simple double click.

Anyways, I’m stuck troubleshooting their system and my system… just to get a simple emulation to occur

I’m going to work diligently to get their system up, and I hope everyone on here can agree there are issues.

The choice of Linux should be voluntary and deliberate.
Convincing anyone is a bad idea, unless they pay you for support.

You can create a separate thread describing your issue in detail.
Otherwise I can only guess it might be related to SELinux or firewalld.

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Do you actually have specific questions that you want to discuss or that you need help with, or are you using this platform to vent anger?

In any case, I think now would be a good moment to take a deep breath and then read the Code of Conduct again:

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I am going to close this topic. Please open new topics with issues that we can help with.