Lenovo Yoga X1: Max fan speed after wakeup issue returns with Fedora 30

Using Fedora 29 I encountered an issue with my Thinkpad X1 Yoga (1st gen): Waking it up from suspend would set the fans going at max speed. A hard reboot would be required to stop them. I no longer have the links to the discussion I found of the issue but the solution turned out to be upgrading the BIOS (from ? to v. 1.40). And that was that I thought.

However, with Fedora 30 I see that the issue has returned with more or less the same symptoms: The fans will accelerate immediately after wakeup and stay at maximum speed after that until either shutdown or a new suspend-wakeup.

I’m assuming it’s some kind of compatibility issue with bios and kernel but since I cannot downgrade either (bios because lenovo says no downsies; kernel because I don’t believe there is a 4.x kernel in Fedora 30?) there is no way to test it.

Is anybody else encountering this? Any suggestions as to how to fix it? Are there ways to take the fans out of the bios’ control entirely and hand them over to an old-fashioned daemon?