Last upgrade kernel-panicked, try again?

A couple of weeks ago I ran a ‘routine’ dnf upgrade to kernel 5.19.4-100 in terminal on my Fedora 35 system that went horribly south. Suffice to say it returned a ton of errors (which I did not note), and rebooted into a kernel panic. Fortunately the previous kernel is still selectable in grub, and bootable to an apparently functional system.

The backstory to this is I had previously installed and then removed wine-stable, and snapd in a failed effort to get a more recent version of Adobe Reader. These operations proceeded without any apparent errors.

I have deleted all the bits (kernel-5.19.4-100.fc35.x86_64, kernel-core-5.19.4-100.fc35.x86_64, kernel-debug-devel-5.19.4-100.fc35.x86_64, kernel-devel-5.19.4-100.fc35.x86_64, kernel-modules-5.19.4-100.fc35.x86_64, kernel-modules-extra-5.19.4-100.fc35.x86_64), and rerun dnf upgrade, aborted, to see what’s in the pipeline now – 5.19.6-100.

Is there any reason to suppose applying this upgrade will proceed smoothly, or is there stuff I should verify/fix first before attempting?


Try upgrading I don’t see why not. At worst boot from an older kernel.

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Another thing that might help would be to run the upgrade as dnf upgrade --refresh and/or dnf distro-sync --refresh

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I located the issue: 2025157 – kernel-debug-devel-5.14.20-300.fc35.x86_64 generate more 100000 hardlink errors by install – first reported in 2021, with severity and priority still ‘unspecified,’ despite more recent reports (including mine).

It appears to be mainly cosmetic, apart from time-wasting and causing undue alarm. Some suggestions about deleting all the “hardlink-temporary” files thus generated, but I didn’t find any, perhaps due to having removed the offending kernel.