Laptop's Esc key doesn't work

I’m using a Samsungbook NP550XDA-KF1BR on Fedora Workstation 37. I have tried different keyboard layouts but my Esc key doesn’t register in any of them. The F keys have functions like changing screen brightness or volume as default, instead of only doing those things when the Fn key is pressed. When I installed Fedora the Portuguese (Brazil) layout wasn’t available so I had to choose Brazil, Nativo and it completely broke my keyboard. I couldn’t test the layout during the installation because the area usually available was blocked. When I booted it was a pain in the ass to type my login and password because all the keys were scrambled. When I got in I was able to change the layout, but it wasn’t showing on localectl, so I had to change it on the Terminal. Now localectl shows:

System Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8
       VC Keymap: br
      X11 Layout: br

Also When I press F1 it starts spamming this character ±±±±±±
Showkey -a doesn’t show any input when Esc is pressed.
The Esc key works on the Bios so it’s not a hardware problem.
My Page Down Key on the numeric keyboard sometimes appears as “Next” and my keyboard shortcuts for it don’t work anymore and sometimes it appears as “End” like it should


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