Laptop freezes during shutdown/restart when in gnome shell

When I restart or shutdown my computer from within gnome itself, it hangs/ gets stuck on a black screen with my laptop manufacturer’s logo on it. However, logging out of gnome and then shutting down works fine. I’m not really sure where to begin on figuring this out. I’m using the default wayland gnome session.

My laptop’s specs (Aorus 15P KD):
11th Gen i7-11800H
RTX 3060 (Nvidia drivers installed and signed, though it can be a bit buggy)

I do dual-boot Fedora 36 and Windows 11 (both are on separate drives and I already disabled fast start-up and hibernation in W11). My Laptop also has secure boot and UEFI enabled (No way to disable SB, sadly).

Update: After some testing, I think it has something to do with the Nvidia drivers or my Nvidia card. Essentially, if the laptop fails to see my GPU (Nvidia X Server doesn’t list my gpu) then any action that leaves gnome (shutdown, restart, log out) results in the hang at the manufacturer’s logo. If my GPU does show up, everything works as expected.

I guess that means the solution would be to figure out why the computer fails to read the GPU occasionally. Even in Windows 11, the Nvidia card is buggy. Occasionally disconnecting and being extremely unreliable. I think the laptop might just be bad then.

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Hi @crygie welcome.
You did answer your question yourself?
Or what is your question now?
About NVIDIA cards is a lot of info on Howto/NVIDIA - RPM Fusion

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Hello. I more or less answered the question myself. The problem I’m having has nothing to do with Fedora specifically and is with the laptop and its hardware.

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