Kubernetes "cluster" for two machines


For development purposes, I have a set of two workstations.
The first one based on Silverblue 31 with GPU installed (I plan to use it as master and worker for tasks related to ML)
The second one based on Fedora CoreOS and would be mine “workhorse” for stateful sets and some services.


I want to install Kubernetes on top of that and I can’t find decent guidance.

Can someone help me to assemble a propper guide for that?
For start, I need to understand native toolset that needed to start deploying and configuring basics on Silverblue/CoreOS

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I’m also wanting to use Fedora CoreOS (and also Fedora IoT) as a Kubernetes cluster node OS, since I really like it’s architecture - being built for containers. I’ve tried a bunch of things to get it to work but it seems to have many conflicting defaults and packages as of right now.