** Mutter Compositor Patched with Dynamic Triple Buffering **

This COPR provides a Mutter with Dynamic Triple Buffer for the Fedora 39 https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/mutter/-/merge_requests/1441

What is Triple Buffer: According with Oficial merge request: "Use triple buffering if and when the previous frame is running late. This means the next frame will be dispatched on time instead of also starting late. It also triggers a GPU clock boost if deemed necessary by the driver. Although frequency scaling is not required to get a performance gain here because even a fixed frequency GPU will benefit from not over-sleeping anymore." - Vanvugt

According with the autor vanvugt: " In my case this improves 4K overview animations on a basic Intel GPU from 30 FPS to 60 FPS." - Vanvugt

This feature is the same that Debian and Ubuntu uses for improve performance in compositor animations.

*** !!!! WANING: This can use more energy and battery, in all cases this forces a more GPU usage, use for your own risk

Installation Instructions

Doesn't need, if you don't know how copr work, please just don't use this package. Use this as your own risk

** I'm not responsible for bugs or troubles in your system experience, please don't report me

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