Know any good firefox+wayland optimizations?

So, I just discovered the Firefox Flatpak doesn’t use wayland by default and have fallen into the rabbit hole of Firefox + Wayland. I’d like to share a few fixes/optimizations I have discovered, and here any of yours for the best Firefox + wayland experience.

  1. Enable in flatpak:
flatpak override --user --env=MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 org.mozilla.firefox
flatpak override --user --socket=wayland org.mozilla.firefox
  1. Get rid of Redundant WebRTC indicator on GNOME shell:
    nano .var/app/org.mozilla.firefox/.mozilla/firefox/[randomstring].default-release/chrome/userChrome.css
#webrtcIndicator {
  display: none;
  1. Get 144hz rendering:
    layout.frame_rate to the refresh rate of your monitor

Know any other tips/tricks? I don’t really understand why Mozilla doesn’t implement some of these things by default, so any explanation on that would be good as well.

It looks like that Fedora was/is one of the first Distributions who came with wayland as default. So implementation in Firefox by default would just be negative for the other who not use it as default. But mybe the Fedora packet makers could include a post config script to add this tuning?

I suspect that at least part of the reason firefox does not enable wayland by default is the fact that nvidia and wayland do not get along. Those users with nvidia GPUs who tried to use firefox would find it broken if it relied on wayland when they used the nvidia drivers since they have to use xorg instead of wayland.

Also replying to @ilikelinux

The way Firefox + Wayland is implemented it will search for wayland then fallback to X if it is not available. Fedora’s native package has this tweak by default.

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