Firefox 84.0 and WebRender on Wayland

I just upgraded Firefox to 84.0 on F33, and the changelog on GNOME Software said “WebRender enabled by default on Wayland and GNOME Xorg”. This is my case here (Wayland with Nouveau on a good old Nvidia GTX 750 Ti). However, “Compositing” is set to “Basic”, and WEBRENDER_QUALIFIED appears as "denied by env: Not on allowlist". Below follows some snippets from about:suport:


Compositing: Basic
Window Protocol: wayland
Desktop Environment: gnome
Off Main Thread Painting Enabled: true
Off Main Thread Painting Worker Count: 4
Target Frame Rate: 60
GPU #1
Active: Yes
Description: NV117
Vendor ID: 0x10de
Device ID: 0x1380
Driver Vendor: mesa/nouveau
Driver Version:
RAM: 2023
Decision Log
available by default
blocked by env: Acceleration blocked by platform
unavailable by default: Hardware compositing is disabled
available by default
disabled by env: Not qualified
available by default
denied by env: Not on allowlist
disabled by default: Disabled by default
available by default
unavailable by env: OS not supported
available by default
disabled by user: User disabled via pref
unavailable by env: Requires Windows 10 or later
unavailable by runtime: Requires ANGLE
available by default
denied by env: Not on allowlist
available by default
disabled by default: Disabled by default
blocked by runtime: WebGPU can only be enabled in nightly

So, is this expected behavior, or is there any chance my card is wrongly blacklisted?

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I am using AMD APU’s built-in graphic, on wayland.

When Firefox is upgrade from 83 to 84, about:config has gfx.webrender.all → false

I manually change it to true, then about:support shows webrender is enabled.


Thanks, that is indeed one way to go. However, I’ve experimented with this in the past, and the results were not good, system became very unstable on some specific scenarios (eg. video calls via Google Meet). I guess I will give it a try again, but I would be more confident if it were supported by default.

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