Keyboard/touchpad not working on thinkpad t14s amd with Fedora 35

I did a fresh install of Fedora 35 in my laptop and the keyboard/touchpad stop working.

I replaced Fedora with Manjaro (for testing purpose) and the keyboard/touchpad works great. Tested with the same kernel.

Another weird thing is that everything was working in the fedora live usb.

Does anyone has the same problem?
Thank you

Thinkpad t14s amd gen 1
Fedora 35 Gnome (Wayland)
Kernel: 5.14.10-1

Ok, for everyone having the same problem, installing the kernel 5.13.0 fix the issue for now.

It seems a specific build problem with the kernel 5.14. I tested the 5.14 in Manjaro and everything works. I don´t know what they could be missing in the latest kernel versions compared with old ones. :thinking:

There are also some USB issues reported with the 5.14.14 & 5.14.15 kernels. I have not updated from 5.14.10 as a result.

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Looks like that Arch-linux is always a small step ahead of :fedora: