Keyboard navigation: selected topics not highlighted anymore

I admit it, I am a keyboard junkie, especially a vi lover :slight_smile:

Until recently I could easily navigate through new posts by typing g n to jump to new posts (or g l to the latest posts) and then use j to move the cursor/selection (highlighted bar on the left of the topic) down and walk through each post.

That cursor/selection is not visible anymore, but the movement still works (you notice this once you scroll down beyond the visible topics or when hitting enter to read a topic).

How can I get this back?
(This selection method still works when in categories view, btw…)

+1 to get this back.


Was digging a bit into this. Looks like there is an issue in the CSS handling:

has color for currently selected item:

.topic-list tr.selected td:first-child, .topic-list-item.selected td:first-child, .latest-topic-list-item.selected, .search-results .fps-result.selected {
	box-shadow: inset 3px 0 0 var(--danger);

When it’s working, HTML looks like this:

<div data-topic-id="99382" id="ember1066" class="latest-topic-list-item category-ask tag-f39 ember-view selected" tabindex="0">

When it’s not working, we got the following:

<tr data-topic-id="99382" id="ember1123" class="topic-list-item category-ask tag-f39 unseen-topic ember-view selected" tabindex="0">      <div class="hidden"></div>

Changing the id from ember1123 to ember1066, the highlight is back.

Where can I report bugs for this site?

Can you reproduce on

It works perfectly there. And I think I found the issue : we have a div class=hidden, whereas it is not at the other site. Example from

<tr data-topic-id="98733" id="ember318" class="topic-list-item category-ask tag-f37 tag-f39 tag-xfce ember-view selected" tabindex="0">      <div class="hidden"></div>

<td class="main-link clearfix topic-list-data" colspan="1">
  <span class="link-top-line"><a href="/t/fedora-39-xfce-suspends-only-proceeds-after-unlocking-the-screen/98733" role="heading" aria-level="2" class="title raw-link raw-topic-link" data-topic-id="98733"><span dir="ltr">Fedora 39 Xfce: Suspends only proceeds after unlocking the screen</span></a><span id="_render_glimmer_6" class="event-date-container-wrapper">        

If I remove <div class="hidden"></div>, the cursor magically appears again on the selected entry.

Thanks for debugging that. I’ll look to see what in our theme might be emitting that div.

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Good news. Things are back to normal. Thanks a bunch, guys!!!