Keyboard Issue in KDE Plasma on Fedora38


I’m facing an issue with my keyboard while using KDE Plasma on Fedora. When I try to type a number, it outputs a dash and other special characters before the number. Here’s an example:

  • `1 = Keyboard Press 1
  • 2 = Keyboard Press 2
  • 3 = Keyboard Press 3
  • 54 = Keyboard Press 4
  • 54 = Keyboard Press 5
  • 67 = Keyboard Press 6
  • 67 = Keyboard Press 7
  • =8 = Keyboard Press 8
  • 9 = Keyboard Press 9
  • -0 = Keyboard Press 0

I’ve checked my keyboard layout and it appears to be set correctly. I even tried resetting the keyboard settings, but the problem persists. Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue? Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot and resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

This might be a problem in the keyboard itself. Are you able to reproduce with a different keyboard?

Sorry for that but I don’t Have any Other Keyboard. But it was Working Some Days Ago.

The keyboard could have gone bad. I will try to install KDE Plasma and check for myself. What is your keyboard layout then?

Keyboard Layout = English(US)
Keyboard Model = Generic | Generic 104-key PC

Thanks! for Your time.

I am currenty running the Fedora KDE Plasma 38 in a virtual machine and I have the English (US) layout with the generic 104 keys and using a mechanical keyboard (Bus 007 Device 008: ID 0416:b23c Winbond Electronics Corp. Gaming Keyboard).

The result is that I cannot reproduce your problem and all number keys behave as expected, they do not produce a double letter or cause the neighbouring key be pressed, too.

I tend to believe that the membrane in your keyboard might be somewhat broken producing presses that do not happen. The more I look at your description, the more I have this feeling. For example, 2 and 3 seem to behave normally, as is the 9. The keys 4 and 5 always produce 54 (and not vice versa, interesting), as do 6 and 7, similarly the 0 key. The only surprise is the 8 key, that does not press the neighbour key, but a key that is quite distant (skips two keys).

You could try to use libinput to see what events the keyboard is sending to the operating system and confirm whether these funny combinations are produced by the keyboard or get misinterpreted in the operating system.

I Used libinput and whenever I Press and Release 1 and 8 it displayes 4 events in Which two is for event is key Press and two is for key Release.
What is Your Suggestion. and what can I do.

  • Replare the Keyboard.
  • Buy a new one.
  • Will take some time to Fix.

I am Sorry for wasting your time It was Really a Hardware issue because In India Currently Rainy Season is Going on Due to That there was some Moisture in my Keyboard after Drying it in Sunlight Now its Working Fine.

Glad to hear that your issue has fixed already and that we could figure it out. No need to be sorry.