Keybase-client certificate issue

They fixed it in version 6.2.4
also see: key base completely not working today? · Issue #4226 · keybase/keybase-issues · GitHub

if you have any issues you could install it from here:

sadly, there’s no build for arm64, if one of the maintainers could provide this, I would be very glad :slight_smile:

Is one of the keybase projects packaged by fedora?
Are you asking for an update of a fedora package?

sorry, please ignore me, there is no package from fedora. I forgot, that I installed it manually

rpm -i keybase-client-6.2.3-1.1.aarch64.rpm 

I prefer to use dnf to install not rpm. dnf will install from a local file.

Not sure if rpm -i will show up in the dnf transaction history that is useful when investigating issues with packages.

for anyone that has the same problem: works fine for me