🔑 Key-signing party at FOSDEM 2024

Good morning amazing community,
If you happen to be at FOSDEM this year @lhirlimannii is organizing a offline Key-signing party. If you “trust” a gpg key of someone who you never met, now it’s the chance to verify them. It’s a great way to build your trusted list.

Apart from the useful part, it’s fun! Read more here on how to join.


I am not sure what my FOSDEM schedule will look like yet, but I am always up for a good keysigning :slight_smile:

pub   rsa4096/39E45FB6014131E4 2016-01-24 [SC] [expires: 2027-05-01]
      Key fingerprint = CF9B 1408 4750 916C 4D8F  CACC 39E4 5FB6 0141 31E4

And my new key:

pub   ed25519/7748B15FA8FA4C7E 2022-10-15 [SC] [expires: 2027-10-14]
      Key fingerprint = EDCD 4A2E 909E 5BC8 183B  C604 7748 B15F A8FA 4C7E

Bring them with your printed and in quantities. I wrote 50 in the blog post but you might need more.