Kernel panic after switch root

My monitor broke so I reboot the system a few times before to realize it and change the monitor to and old monitor that should support 1280X1024 at 75hz. I tried 4 different kernel config listed on grub fedora 5.10.10 5.10.9, 5.10.7 and 0-rescue. The system was hanging and since I did not know if it was the monitor that would not boot in some mode or if it is all those reboot that broke something . it took me an hour of searching on internet and many reboot to find the command to boot in text to see where the computer freeze. with the same result I see the lines

[ok] finished Plymouth switch root service
starting Switch Root…
[7.5980000] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempt to kill init! exitcode=0x00007f00

since I don’t have access yet to the system the only command I can run are grub command . I have no ccdrom only usb key and networ access if it can be run ffrom grub. Is there some video config left that try to boot in a higher resolution?

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