Kernel 6.8.8-300 can't detect vmware display config (6.8.7-300 could)


Recent kernel upgrade from 6.8.7-300 to 6.8.8-300 breaks the ability of the OS to detect the display configuration when running as a VMWare Workstation v17.5 guest under a Windows 10 host.


Not yet known.

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Bugzilla report: #NNNN


Drop back to 6.8.7-300, lock it from being updated, and set it as the default kernel until a fix comes in.

Can you please report it into against kernel? Also ideally report it to VMWare as well, they might need to fix it on their side. Thanks.

Was your intention to propose it for inclusion in Common Issues ?

I did open a ticket in Bugzilla. Didn’t report to VM since it was clearly the kernel change that caused the problem.


Sorry, just saw the #common-issues question. Even though I’ve been using unix since 1982 and fedora since v5, I didn’t understand the significance of your question. /mark

hi, I had the same problem, well almost: it’s a vm, and since the upgrade f39 to f40
I couldn’t update the kernel – it wouldn’t boot.

  • that is, only workstation edition had this problem; silverblue had a clean f39 - f40 upgrade.
  • workstation showed as kernel version 6.8.7-300 f39, silverblue 6.8.7-300 f40.

also, on workstation, I did some of the postinstallation stuff as mentioned in fedora docs: ~ ‘upgrading fedora with system-upgrade plugin’

  • Is that kernel-6.8.7-300 f39?
  • did you upgrade via dnf system-upgrade? did you some of the postinstall steps, like ‘cleanup symlinks’ or ‘dnf autoremove’?

however, since it looked like not being vmware or a general fedora problem (silverblue did
fine), I just have tried a new workstation installation, which is now happily booting into


But you haven’t posted the link here.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a problem in the Linux kernel. Also, notifying VMWare might make the problem get resolved quicker.

Moving to Ask Fedora , where it can gather more help and feedback,

From Proposed Common Issues to Ask Fedora

the bugzilla report: 2278903 – 6.8.8-300 does not see vmware workstation display configuration

note that kernel 6.8.9 flowed out last night and the problem still exists there.

As noted above, VMWare is a proprietary app, and problems that appear need to be reported to them. I strongly suggest that you switch to libvirt or virtualbox, both of which are designed for use with linux. Libvirt is FOSS and VirtualBox is from Oracle and free for individual use.

sigh. i’ve been using emacs since 1979, unix since 1982, and linux since 1995 (fedora 5?). i’ve supported stallman and the FSF likely since before you were born. if there were a viable alternative to vmware, i would use it. there isn’t.

May 1995 would have been the first release of non-beta RedHat (RHL 1) and Fedora Core 1 was released in November 2003 after RHL was discontinued with its final release July 2003. RHL was replaced with RHEL. Fedora Core became Fedora with the release of Fedora 7 in May 2007.

I have been using RHL and Fedora since RHL 1 was released so do not consider me a spring chicken like your comment implies. I was using BSD 2 years before that running an early ISP.

There are alternatives to VMWare, and the ability to migrate from vmware to either libvirt or VirtualBox as well.

only if performance doesn’t matter. but it does.

Let’s not measure who has a longer beard. While OSS is our first choice, Fedora is of course interested to work well even with proprietary tools, like VMWare (or e.g. Steam, to give another example). However, I don’t know of a better approach of resolving the bug than reporting a kernel bug (which is now done) and contacting the proprietary tool vendor. The latter might have a higher chance of success, because I don’t see too many community people here enthusiastically trying to resolve VMWare issues, that’s just the reality.

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Anyone may choose to use the tool of choice, and everyone has their own reasons for doing so.
Complaining has no positive effects. Working with the vendors and developers is a path to move forward as has already been mentioned. Progress requires communications with those who are able to make the changes happen.

I have same issue with real hardware on 6.8.8, screen goes black and you can’t get to terminal either. Went back to 6.8.7 and no issues

Your issue is with hardware and this thread is about vmware.
Please start your own thread.